Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I wanna be like mike...

Mike works at Scoreboard Sport
(a soccer/rugby/lacrosse..etc sports store)
and Raph which does all of Scoreboard's embroidery
gave this shirt to Mike.
Isn't it cool!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

There goes my friend Kelly...

My trip had ended and I had to go back home...sniff sniff.
Kaylee always asks "I go to Kelly house?" and I would say "SURE!...go ask your parents" haha!
...then I would hear "oh, man!"
coming form Kaylee's cute little disappointed voice.
(the x-ray machines at the airport would always ruin our plans;O)).
Kaylee was sad to see me go.
Corin told me that as I walked away into the airport, Kaylee said,
"There goes my friend Kelly"
Corin told her she would be her friend, and Kaylee said, "no, just Kelly."
Later someone asked her if I had gone home, and she responded "no, Kelly in a plane."
Silly girl...

This was taken as I was walking into the airport...

what a sad face.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You may think he's my favorite...

...but he's the only one that doesn't
(this is Conner's famous I LOVE YOU sign)

...or talk back, or yell, or hit, or say mean things, or glare, or...

I could go on and on!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arizona trip turns into a Colorado trip...

The doctors don't want the kids around Shannon so she can recover easier/faster. Also with Staph being contagious, the kids shouldn't be around anyways.
I took all 3 kids by myself on an airplane to Denver to my sister Corin's house where they will stay up to 6 weeks while Shannon recovers. What an AWESOME sister hu! I love her!
So on Valentines day I flew the kids to Colorado.
Kaylee and Cade looking out the window.
Conner in the airport just before we started this CRAZY journey.
The kids happy on the plane...just for a moment. haha!
my valentine...
Once I landed in Denver, I went with Corin to pick up Julia from a practice at her high school. I knew they were working on a musical called Aida. I walked in and was about to sit and watch and they started singing a song from Grease...I was kinda confused...I knew that song wasn't a song from the musical they were working on...then Corin said "this is from Mike" took me a second to realize what was going on, then I saw the flowers behind Julia and the other girls singing, I knew what was happening. Julia then gave me the flowers after the song ended.
What can I say...he loves me!
Corin video taped the whole thing.
I have such a sneaky family!
The flowers...

Love: My Mike

Arizona trip part 5...

Some random pics from my 1st week as a "mom"
Going to see their "OTHER" mom in the hospital;O)
The kids wanted ice cream cones after dinner, so I made them both one.
I came back to find Cade helping himself to the box of ice cream!
Cade sharing with Kaylee.
All finished! Trying to help Cade get potty trained...
Funny kids!
This is one of the many signs I always leave when I come visit.
This one is right when you come in from the garage.
I think this one was from 2 visits ago.

Arizona trip part 4...

While Shannon was in the hospital, I was MOM to a
4 yr. old, 3 yr. old and a 3 month old....scary I know!
Conner would not let me put him down...
thank goodness for the sling Shannon made...
though my arms are jello still.
Me and Conner
Conner in the sling at the computer. Auntie Kelly loves Conner!

Arizona trip part 3...

So, on Saturday, the day I got to Arizona Shannon's incision (from her back surgery 2 weeks prior) started hurting. We went to the ER 12am on Sunday and were there until 7:30am which they did a CAT scan and came and told us they "THINK" it is just a Seroma (a pocket of clear fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery). They sent her home with a prescription of painkillers and tell her to make an appointment with her doctor.
The next day she goes to her doctor's office and he is ON VACATION until the next day!
Just our luck!
We make an appointment for the following day and see the doctor and he immediately tells Shannon she need to be admitted to the hospital TODAY!
We just thought it was going to be a quick go in and drain the "Seroma"....NOPE!
She was admitted to the hospital at 2pm on Tuesday and a culture was taken and it turns out it was Staph!
Great job ER staff...idiots!
We took this at the ER while waiting HOURS for her CAT scan.
Around 3:30am...
Yeah, I agree...we need more BEAUTY sleep!

Hopefully she can come home today...almost a week later.

Arizona trip part 2...

Kaylee has school in the morning

and Cade wants to go to school too...

so he asked for his back pack and put on

Kaylee's shoes and stood outside waiting for the bus.
Cade waiting by the curb for the bus...

the bus came and Kaylee hopped on...
the bus doors closed...
he was so mad I wouldn't let him go to school too...
Needless to say, he was very mad at me since
I wouldn't let him go to school too.

Arizona trip part 1...

Kaylee and Cade playing in the WARM 60 degree weather.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His vs Hers...

I was looking at our xbox controllers and had a fun idea...
take pics of similar things Mike and I have...
and compare them.
His controller...Her controller.
Her phone...His phone.His boots...
Her boots.
Her boxes (pink) ...His boxes (blue)
His closet...
Her closet.
Her scarf...His scarf.
His shoes...Her shoes (one of the many).